Guy Browning has published far too many books.  Some have been bestsellers, others have been pulped almost seconds after publication.

How to be Normal

All about what it takes to be a normal human being.  Ghostwritten obviously.

British Constitution: First Draft

 Britain doesn’t have a written constitution so I thought I’d bash

one out.

My Life in Lists

My new book for the

listicle generation

Never Hit A Jellyfish With A Spade

Published in every major language except for French (talk about a country in decline!)

Never Push When it Says Pull
Follow up to Jellyfish –

favourite of Health and Safety managers everywhere

Maps of My Life
Autobiographical account of my obsession with maps

The Lost Pond
An epic about ducks – an airborne Watership Down. Potential goldmine for visionary publisher. 

Office Politics

Chilling insights into just how unbusiness like and unprofessional work life is.

Weak at The Top
An epic of political incorrectness – pulped for taste reasons

Double Your Salary, Bonk Your Boss, Go Home Early
Totally misjudged the entire business book market. Whoops! 


Brilliant book about innovation.  Title actually means nervous breakdown in the medical world.  Which I didn't know but is quite apt.

Social Survival Guide  

My guide to navigating social situations without blood, sweat and tears.